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New in version of IBM Maximo Asset Management,fr &

New in Version,,fr,New features in version,,fr,allow you to redefine the passwords without restarting the server,,fr,The version,,fr,IBM Maximo Asset Management Multitenancy,,en,includes several changes to reduce downtime when you implement a change of database password,,fr,You can use these changes to create two administrative accounts that have a brief simultaneous existence and avoid having to make a server restart,,fr : De nouvelles fonctionnalités dans la version IBM Maximo Asset Management vous permettent de redéfinir les mots de passe sans redémarrer le serveur. La version IBM Maximo Asset Management...

[MAXIMO] – Propriétés système ajoutées à la version 0

[MAXIMO] – System Properties added to version

The following system properties have been added to version and :

[MAXIMO] – Sortie du Fix Pack (MAM / MAME) 0

[MAXIMO] – Output Fix Pack (MAM / MAME)

The 15 February 2013, IBM Software released the fix Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Asset Management Essentials