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New in version of IBM Maximo Asset Management,fr &

New in Version,,fr,New features in version,,fr,allow you to redefine the passwords without restarting the server,,fr,The version,,fr,IBM Maximo Asset Management Multitenancy,,en,includes several changes to reduce downtime when you implement a change of database password,,fr,You can use these changes to create two administrative accounts that have a brief simultaneous existence and avoid having to make a server restart,,fr : De nouvelles fonctionnalités dans la version IBM Maximo Asset Management vous permettent de redéfinir les mots de passe sans redémarrer le serveur. La version IBM Maximo Asset Management...


IBM Maximo EAM IBM Watson IoT Platform,en + Bluemix

Le but de cet tutorial est de construire une application IoT sur la plate-forme IBM Bluemix pour générer automatiquement des interventions dans IBM Maximo, suite à des relevés de température envoyés par une application modèle de...

News – OJO WO la nouvelle application Iphone pour la géstion des Interventions (Maximo IBM) 0

News – OJO WO new iPhone application for the management of interventions (Maximo IBM)

OJO WO works on iPhone / iPod and iPad. This is an integration with WO module Maximo (Other module follow).You can find / create / modify workorders, create assets in offline mode / online, barcode...

[LDAP] – Comment utiliser les mots de passe de Maximo avec des caractères spéciaux lors de l’utilisation de LDAP 0

[LDAP] – How to use Maximo passwords with special characters when using LDAP

If you use LDAP over Maximo 7.x and you were not able to connect to Maximo with passwords that contain special characters such as < >...


[MAXIMO] – The main controls (.bat) by Maximo

I think one of the things missing from the Maximo documentation is the description of the commands (.bat). That is why I decided to go into directories Maximo and find commands that can...

[MAXIMO] – Comment Maximo calcul la Quantité Economique de Commande 0

[MAXIMO] – How Maximo calculate the Economic Order Quantity

MAXIMO uses well the Wilson formula, to calculate EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) each item.

[BIRT] – Un plugin PDI pour générer vos rapports BIRT 0

[BIRT] – PDI plugin to generate your BIRT reports

This plugin, really stupid to set up and available in steps of type "Output" (Supply), is extremely useful when you want to test the generation reports, without having to worry about import...

[TDI] – Modification des paramètres de communication sur le serveur TDI 0

[TDI] – Changing the communication parameters on the TDI server

The communication parameters on the TDI server are in a file called mxe.properties, which is placed in the working directory of TDI. You have specified the location of the TDI working directory when you...